Our Offer


  • Pressure Groups (Plumbing). We are able to manufacture without limitation; Our motto is “from a cottage to a city”. We supply with a single group up to eight thousand homes. Any version of the product ordered can be made: with galvanized boilers, compressor air tanks,  membrane boilers, with speed regulators, etc. and special groups from hidrocarbons, greases, food products, etc.

– Domestic: Houses and/or townhouses .
With hydrosphere or PressControl (electronic control unit).

– Sanitary Plumbing: For buildings , housing estates , clinics and hospitals ,
factories, hotels , supermarkets, etc.

  • Fire Hazard Groups: Under regulations by CEPREVEN , UNE or any other European or American regulation . With or without diesel pump. With or without generator . Without limitation any version above .
  • Clean water pumps and pumping stations: With surface pumps and/or submersible . With a flow from 2,000 l/h up to 6,500 m³/h and a height of 180m.
  • Pumps for pumping stations and sewage: With submersible pumps , vortex and crushers. With a flow of 2,000 l/h up to 4,000 m³/h and a height of 80m. Automated electrically or electronically.


  • Generators: From  1.72 to 880 Kwas .
  • Motobombas: gasoline or diesel, from 2 HP to 700 HP .


  • Support Services: Throughout Spain for commissioning , incidents, warranties and after-care support to communities and users.
  • Training services: Aware of their importances for company image and self-esteem of the seller, organize monthly courses for vendors and travel desk. Also drove to our technicians, for the purpose and function of the number of attendees, and in a timely manner to an area or business. Always free of charge.
  • Commercial Services: We are all autonomous.